I wanted to take a minute to say thank you for the work you've done with Pat and me.

When I began with you, I was unaware of how much work I needed to simply get back to a level of reasonable fitness.

Since we began, I am now able to easily walk 18 holes of golf carrying a full bag.

In addition, and this was unexpected, I am now driving the golf ball 20-30 yards further than I did when we started.

Thank you so much. We look forward to working with you again."



"Deborah Robinson has been my fitness trainer since December 1995.

I am completely satisfied with our twice weekly training sessions. She is well versed in all aspects of physical training and is constantly attending seminars to widen her knowledge.

Deborah has a great sense of humor and an upbeat personality which makes training sessions enjoyable as well as physically beneficial. I am now pushing 89 and never could have made it this far without her guidance and help.

I recommend her most highly with no reservations."



"We are writing to strongly recommend Ms. Deborah Robinson of The Fitness Choice. For over three years, we have trained with Deborah two to three time per week. Give the amount of time we have trained with her, we believe we are in a good position to evaluate and recommend Deborah as a trainer and a person. On both counts, she is exceptional.

Deborah is bright, energetic and passionate about her profession. During our time with her, she has attended numerous seminars and events to improve her knowledge and sills as a trainer. Her enthusiasm is contagious, which makes the sessions more enjoyable.

She is dedicated to helping her clients improve their fitness. When we began, she did a comprehensive analysis of our existing fitness and asked about medical conditions and medications, as well as our medical histories. Deborah listened to what our goals were with respect to attaining a better level of fitness, including participation in sports. In my case, I wanted better fitness to improve my overall health and for golf. Over the two years, I have trained with her, my overall fitness has improved dramatically. In addition, my flexibility and strength for golf has markedly improved.

She tailors the programs to fit the client and avoids a "cookie-cutter" approach where each client gets a similar program. Deborah is concerned about a client's current physical condition. Before each session, she asks how we're feeling. If there's any discomfort in a muscle, joint, etc., she will offer therapeutic exercises and will adjust the program so as to not exacerbate the condition. Deborah has done a fine job of building on the strengths and techniques developed in one program with new exercises in the next program. By doing so, she keeps the training fresh, not stale wit hthe same exercises.

Through our time and conversations with her, we know Deborah to be a person of fine character. We can and do recommend her without reservation."



"I have known Deborah Robinson as her client for well over ten years. I began working with her in 1997 when I was 39 years old. After three babies in quick succession and multiple physical issues beginning to cause concern, I felt broken. My hope was to try and repair myself.

She has been a wonder and I have gained so much. Besides being infinitely inspirational, Deborah is constantly continuing to educate herself, and therefore me, through instructional and scientific readings and seminars. She brings that up to date knowledge to ever session making them not only vigorous but also surprising and new. While she always plans her exercise routines ahead, she can tailor every session at the last minute as to how i feel that day. She has helped me prepare myself for new physical challenges like referring soccer and horseback riding. Each workout is tough, but satisfying. Deborah prides herself on a job well done with no injuries. And there is nothing she would have me do that she could not or would not do herself. We have also connected on a deeper lever as well, becoming close friends and confidants.

As far as those physical issues from years ago; each one has either greatly improved or disappeared altogether owing only to Deborah's diligence. I am as strong and fit today as I could possibly hope to be thanks in large part to her care."